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 Leslie Harper Foss

Leslie lives in Orange County, CA. She graduated from law school and passed the CA bar and currently uses her very expensive degree to negotiate trades in the sandbox for her toddler son. They have a lot of playdates. When not being a lawyer (always) and not being a mom (never) she enjoys checking facebook incessantly, watching low-quality television, and eating whatever her husband cooks. She bakes her own bread and is very smug and superior about it. You can follow her on her blog Ipso Momso. Leslie writes monthly features covering media, pop culture, politics, and whatever else is on her mind.

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Pam Huber

Pam is a Southern California senior graphic artist currently (and reluctantly) stuck in Central California. She passes the time cooking, reading, and avoiding Fox News. Stay tuned for her installments on the ridiculous things preggos do and her road to (maybe, just maybe) becoming a baby person. In the meantime, you can follow Pam on her blog Seriously Yum.

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Kristin Strange

Kristin is a stay-at-home mom who loves to travel, eat great food, do Pilates, and read books in the little free time she has (a.k.a. naptime). Originally from the greater Los Angeles area, Kristin has in the last five years lived in San Diego, Sydney, New York City, Hong Kong, and New York City part deux. As she puts it, "I lived in one place for 18 years, and 18 places over twelve years." Now that she's had her first child, she's staying put in NYC while her husband continues to travel the world for work. To ease life as a part-time single mom, Kristin is actively involved with other Manhattan mamas and enjoys time spent at park play dates that occassionaly end with a glass of vino, birthday parties that are sometimes celebrated in pubs, and mommy social events that often introduce her to what's hot and new in the baby / toddler / family market. Because Kristin is a concientious "momsumer," she's going to give us the scoop on The Goods that she thinks meets the standards of great quality, great value, and great ability to make your life easier. You can keep up with Kristin at My Strange Family or on Twitter @kristrange.

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Stephanie Stuart

Stephanie lives in LA with her husband, dog, and toddler daughter. Between feedings and laundry, she runs a crazy baking operation from her kitchen, trolls Etsy for inspiration, and pens posts for her blog The Poopsie Collective. She spent seven years in the fashion industry in New York (Michael Kors and Vince), and in an effort to save her soul, left the rat race and traveled for a year across the US and Europe before settling back in California last Fall just in time for her daughter’s birth. You can find her weekdays at Pan Pacific Park chucking tennis balls for the dog and sipping a latte through a straw.  Stephanie has written Salt & Nectar’s Fashion/Beauty feature and contributes posts on motherhood, food, and DIY.

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