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Joining the Minivan Brigade

It's official! I am a minivan mom...and proud of it!

We picked it up on Friday and I wanted it to be a surprise reveal today, but my husband blabbed all over Facebook this weekend. I mean, I am a mom blogger! Doesn't he understand that telling everyone I'd bought a minivan would involve a complete social media STRATEGY. Sigh.

First, let me say this. I can hear some of you drafting comments in your head calling us out on our Austerity Plan. Yes, this was a major purchase but this is a 2005 Odyssey with some serious milage on it. It wasn't free but it was pretty cheap as minivans go. We've recently put a major dent in our debt and the truth is we just couldn't remain a single car family much longer. There is only so many times my parents will loan us their cars. 

So, when this baby popped up at my uncle's car lot, we jumped on it.

I've already gotten horror-stricken looks from several of my female relatives. They fought the minivan tidal wave with a vengance and, in their defense, I understand why to a certain extent. Minivans ten or twenty years ago are not the swagger wagons of today. I remember our minivan growing up. It had ONE door, faux wood paneling, and none of the back windows rolled down. Hip it was not. 

However, I've got to be honest. Even if the minivan marketers had not done such a great job of updating their image, I wouldn't care. I don't care if people see me as a mom because I drive a minivan. I AM A MOM. I don't care if people see me as old because I drive a minivan. If dying my hair gray and walking with a cane made it easeir to get my kids in and out of a carseat, you best believe I'd do it!

No, I love, love, LURVE my new minivan. I can open both doors and have Griffin climb up in his seat while I buckle Amos in his (without bending over!). I can actually purchase furniture and not have to worry about how to haul it home. For the first time since Amos was born, we can fit in one car with my parents for trips to the lake or even just to dinner.

Does the gas milage suck? You betcha. Do we still drive the Prius most of the time? Yep.

But if anyone asks me I drive a minivan? I will put a smile on my face and exclaim proudly, "Yes, I do!"

~ Sarah Stewart Holland

Reader Comments (1)

I love it! Mini vans are not what they used to be.

April 24, 2012 | Unregistered Commenter@3littleblondes

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