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The Mommy Accords: Mornings

Last month, we began a discussion on our different roles as a stay-at-home mom and a working mom. We began by being open and honest about what we love about our lives. Next up, we thought we'd offer a glimpse into the ways our lives differ. Big choices affect a thousand little things every day and one place this is especially true is the morning routine. Here is a glimpse at an average Monday morning in each of our homes. 

My morning as a…

...working mom.

Our morning routine hasn't changed much since I returned to full-time work, except that I have to find time to shower more regularly and my husband now takes the Little Dude to school. We're an easygoing couple turned family of three and find our groove quite easily no matter our current life circumstances (well, this isn't always the case for the toddler but...all in all, our mornings are pretty ordinary).


{7:30} The Little Dude still acts as our alarm clock, so we usually rise when we hear: "I'm up! I want to get up!" In the event he wakes up earlier, my husband is kind enough to get up with him and pop back in our bedroom when the clock strikes half past seven to make sure I get out of bed in time. We all love and value our sleep (perhaps because we stay up late watching Netflix, blogging, or reading), so you won't find us waking up before our son to squeeze in personal time or exercise—our first order of business is making sure our son goes potty and then getting him dressed for the day (okay, we might check our iPhones first).

{7:45} The Little Dude eats a breakfast of three cereals—shredded wheat, Os, and organic raisin bran. I keep him company at our kitchen table as we chat about squirrels, garbage cans...the important stuff.  My husband packs the Little Dude's lunch.

{7:50} The much needed shower happens. If there's time I shave my legs, but there's a good chance I'll end up wearing pants even when it's 90 degrees out.

{8:00} I stop en route to my bedroom and hang with The Little Dude as he plays in his bedroom or watches Dumbo or YouTube videos of garbage trucks.

{8:15} I attempt to brush my hair, put on makeup, and get dressed, but I'm often interrupted by my little man who wants to search through my bathroom drawers, needs to put all my clothes in the hamper, thinks it's a good idea to jump off the bed, or contemplates having a morning meltdown. Exhbit A:

Something that would take me no more than 10 minutes takes way more, so the trade off is leaving the house with wet hair. Exhibit B:

Too serious self-portrait taken in driveway. Must've been running late.

{8:30-8:40ish} I help my son get his shoes on. Kiss him goodbye as he leaves for preschool. And quickly toss things into my work bag, like a Luna Bar for breakfast.

{8:40-9:00ish} Traffic.

{9:15ish} Check work e-mail and forget about that Luna Bar.

...stay-at-home mom.

I’m sure I had a morning routine before children. I know in school I woke up at a certain time and I can remember long hours in high school applying layers of make-up and straightening my hair. However, I certainly don’t remember ever creating a “routine.” It was always just me (or me and Nicholas) to coordinate, so I could take each morning as they came adapting and changing my schedule to meet the demands of that day.

After Griffin was born, I’d say I continued to do that...for a while. In the beginning (and still today) our schedule from day to day was so different and for the most part flexible I could just wake up every morning and see what worked. However, with the addition of Amos and preschool and different work demands, letting the babies wake us up and trying to get everything accomplished before we needed to be out the door (especially when we were sharing one car) just wasn’t working anymore.

Now, I try to wake up thirty minutes to an hour before the boys. Since they wake up anywhere from 5:30 to 7, that doesn’t always work but most of the time I can find 15 to 30 minutes to read, reflex, meditate, and write. I also try to run at least three days a week which I squeeze in during that morning time. The other days I do yoga after dropping Griffin off at preschool.

{5:30} Monday morning I was up early sitting at my desk in the dark checking e-mails, writing a blog post for herKentucky, and posting to Facebook for Salt & Nectar and Paducah Life.


{6:15} Amos makes some little whines. I make him a bottle and give it to him in bed. (I know!) He goes back to sleep. I go back to work.

{6:40} Griffin wakes up and comes out with his customary "Good morning, Mom." We worked on this after I got tired of being greeted every morning with "I'm hungry. I want breakfast."

{7:00} Griffin eats a bowl of Cheerios and then requests some screen time. Nicholas wakes up and joins him on the couch.

{7:30} Nicholas makes breakfast. We've been trying to eat Whole30 approved meals a majority of the time. This morning it was spinach and mushroom omelets.

{7:50} Nicholas gets in the shower and Amos wakes up. Opening the door to this face every morning is my favorite part of the day.

{8:05} Nicholas heads out the door and I get Griffin dressed. By 8:30, I am dressed too and we have a friend at the door ready for a playdate. (I won't lie and say I'm always dressed by 8:30, but let's pretend that's the case!)

Reader Comments (3)

So, I will posit that the reason you don't wake early to sit at a desk is because you do that all day long. I know I wouldn't!

September 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSarah Stewart Holland

That's wonderful that you guys get to have breakfast as a family! (And that SSH doesn't have to cook it!)

We were early risers before having kids, and that hasn't changed. The mornings go much more smoothly if I'm up and showered before their little feet hit the floor. Ryan works long hours, so it's not uncommon for him to be gone before the kids wake up at 6:45. It's best if I'm ready for the day by then. It means running before 6, which is harder some mornings than others.

Thanks for letting us be voyeurs! I love getting peeks into people's lives.

September 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle

Michelle, that was the best part about the Whole30 is it transformed my husband into a breakfast eater!

September 12, 2012 | Registered CommenterSalt & Nectar

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