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Mom Matters 2012

At Blissdom, I had an awesome opportunity to speak with Lindsay Ferrier from Cafe Mom. Through Mom Matters 2012, Lindsay and the people at Cafe Mom are attempting to get real mom perspectives on major election issues in 2012.



I feel like I haven't been honest with y'all.

Two months ago, my husband lost his job. It was sudden, unexpected, and very, very hard. If you read between the lines of Christmas Without Consuming, this might not come as that big of a surprise but I still wanted to tell you the truth. I wrote the post below the day after my husband lost his job. I didn't post it at the time out of respect for a man who has let me put (almost) our entire lives on the Internet. 

I'm posting it now in the hope it might offer some hope for any of you out there currently facing difficult situations. Nicholas has found a new job with a wonderful group of people. We are so very grateful and I'm sharing the raw emotion of that day so I can also shout back from the other side of the mountain:

We made it to the other side and we are stronger because of it. 

And so will you.


Everyone has those dates. Days you never forget. Days your life ripped open at the seams.

December 1, 1997. February 22, 2000. And now November 9, 2011.

I wonder if it ever gets easier. When everything you knew to be true suddenly isn't, it's impossible not to ask yourself if you missed the signs. Was change always waiting in the wings ready to pounce or did it swoop in from another continent landing heavily from its long journey?

The days and nights afterwards follow a familiar path. First, shock at your new reality. Then, rage at the unfairness of at all - the brutality of being happy one moment and in despair the next. If the circumstances are at all within your control (or even if they are not), there are imagined scenarios of retreat, revenge, or restoration.

I always dread the first morning. The morning you wake up and realize everything has changed. A dear friend told me she longs for the next morning. "I tell myself tomorrow will not be the day this happened to me."

You focus on the good in your life. Everyone in my family is alive. Everyone is healthy. It is a month to give thanks. So, I try. I give thanks for the support of family and friends. I give thanks for the good, for the fact that it could so. much. worse.

Still, every day seems to be longer. Every minute desperately needed to stack more time between now and the day everything changed.

~ Sarah Stewart Holland